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48″ printed python leather. light and dark horn and silver metal links –

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  1. Maria Hargis says:

    I adore your jewelry!!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen such beautiful pieces. Now, how do I order, How do I pay, give me the details, girl. You’re amazing and very talented. This is the jewelry I have been serching for and NO ONE has anything close to your line! I’m interested, to start, in this 48″ printed python leather necklace. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I saw it on Nate’s mom and actually started drooling. OK, I’m a little nuts, but it looked so beautiful that I wanted to purchase it. I believe hers looked green on tv. I want this one. Thank you so much for your artistic abilities and for answering my e-mail so quickly!!! I wish you much success with your business. Maria Hargis

    • Goldenwear says:

      hi maria,
      thanks for your most enthusiastic email..
      sorry to say, i no longer have that particular necklace.. i have a 48″ python w/ pearls.. again, i apologise as i’m not very good at keeping my website current – it was never really meant for ecommerce.. more for just getting people familiar with my style.. i’m happy to send you a photo of the current one.. we can talk or email..let me know what you’d prefer..
      thanks a million,

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