the collections

Goldenwear offers a selection of handmade leather jewelry and accessories ranging from necklaces to bracelets to hip sacs.

Please take a look through our entire collection! If you are interested in purchasing an item, please note the item name and send me an email. We’re in the process of adding e-commerce to this website. Ordering options will be available soon.


  • collars and chokers
    Pieces worn high at the neck. Variety of styles and colors using leather, semi-precious stones, beads and vintage links. It’s all you need with a t-shirt and jeans. Adjustable tie closure.
  • bibs
    Amorphic shapes designed with leather, beads, and stones connect to form a “bib” style necklace. Very impressive design statement that is perfect for that LBD. Adjustable tie closure.
  • links
    48″ necklace combining leather, vintage chain and assorted resin links. Worn long or doubled for a strong fashion statement that is similar to a decorative cowl neck design.
  • collar links
    This style combines the look of a collar made with multiple leather links. Adjustable from 13″-20″. Adjustable tie closure.
  • flowers
    48″ necklace combining petite leather flowers with assorted wood, African, and/or resin beads. Strung with leather cording. May be doubled to accommodate clothing design.



  • flowers
    Leather flowers with a center bead of semi-precious stone, pearl or glass. Attaches with strong magnets for protecting delicate clothing, i.e., suede, silk. Adds a pop of color to a clutch bag, hat or belt. Perfect for keeping a scarf or pashmina in place.



  • two snap cuff 2 ½”-3″ wide bracelet. Assorted leathers and authentic exotics like python and crocodile. Prices reflect the skins used. A soft, comfortable-to-wear fit that hugs the wrist. A strong statement piece.
  • one snap cuff An easy, inexpensive way to add an organic touch to a simple outfit. Constructed of the same assorted skins as the two-snap design.
  • rigid cuff 2″ wide cuff with assorted dramatic stones. Mostly crocodile. Fits an average 7″ wrist.



  • For information on pins, belts, handbags, and hip sacs, please send us an email. These items occasionally pop up in my inventory and tend to sell quickly.